Restaurant Design Featuring a Grand Entrance

You only get a single chance to create a positive first impression to your future customers and what better way to attract them through a fabulous restaurant exterior. Too often an entrance is just treated as a gate or door that simply serves as a pathway inside a room, but it’s actually more than that. In your restaurant design, make sure to include a remarkable entrance door that will not only get the attention of visitors but also produces a strong, inviting aura.

Have a clear and visible entrance incorporated in your restaurant design. Your front door is where you will be expecting many customers to come in and out the restaurant. Thus, it must have enough space to prevent traffic. We don’t want to piss off our visitors before they’ve even reached their table, do we? Moreover, keep the doors easy to open for people to get through easily. Eliminate the habit of having double doors but with the other one locked as many customers find it disappointing when they try to turn the handle and it won’t open.

Uncontrolled factors such as weather and a busy night filled with a large crowd should also be considered when sketching your restaurant design. Weather is unpredictable hence you should provide a shade at your entrance door for customers and passers-turned-instant-buyers just because they got stranded. Canopies can also help prevent slipping accidents by allowing visitors to shake off soaked coats and umbrellas before they enter the room. In crowded nights, people need space to park their cars and so, a parking lot becomes a part of your restaurant exterior. Pick a location near the entrance and where customers can take a peek of their cars while in the dining room. You can also provide a space in your front entrance for pick up and drop off but be sure to control the traffic. A sufficient and convenient parking for your clients will surely improve their user experience with your store.

Finally, add a landscape design to finish off your whole entrance. Think about planting weeds, small plants, flowers, etc. with style to add a green and fresh look to your place. This is most needed by restaurants with outdoor seating. However, high maintenance is needed if you want to keep the beauty of your landscape. Hire a hardworking repair staff that will keep your original restaurant design intact.

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